The harm of bread when eaten regularly

22 Nov

Bread has long been a convenient and delicious choice for families, it is difficult to prepare soup dishes for breakfast of busy people. However, if used regularly, the harmful effects of bread on health are many
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, providing positive energy for the body and spirit, this meal should be focused on food content, then whether bread will provide enough nutrition for friend?
If you only use bread without changing the morning menu every day of the week, then you are at fault with yourself and your loved ones.

1. Increased blood sugarThe harm of bread if used regularly is the increase in blood sugar. The cereal flour in bread is absorbed and converted to glucose, which produces insulin-harmful insulin fats. Bread causes the glycemic index to rise quickly but also drop quickly. This level of instability causes more hunger and cravings, resulting in an unbalanced diet.
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2. Difficult to digestThe amount of gluten in bread causes mucosal damage, bloating and intestinal damage, and according to research it can be addictive, making you crave bread and eating more causes weight gain.
The amount of salt in bread still holds water and loses weight control.

3. Lack of nutrientsYou should know that bread is good for hunger, but its nutritional content is very low. Not only that, it also affects the body to restrict the absorption of nutrients such as iron, zinc, and calcium because the phytic acid in wheat creates a chemical reaction. If used regularly, it can cause malnutrition in children and impair the health of adults.

4. Heart diseaseIn bread dough there are certain salts that increase the amount of bad cholesterol that affects the heart, if eaten too much and regularly will lead to overload, causing cardiovascular pressure.
Skipping breakfast: harmful habits increase your risk of cardiovascular disease8 habits that damage the heart that everyone must know to prevent5. Causes hair lossWheat starch adversely affects the skin causing hair loss, it has been studied in bald people that this condition is reduced when they eat less bread.

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5. Tired of the bodyBread also contains genetically modified proteins that can make the body sluggish and tired. Using a lot of bread makes the body lack of fiber and has a negative effect on the brain.
After consulting this article, you should balance a nutritious and fast-processed breakfast menu, especially fortified with green vegetables, milk, eggs, legumes, and fruits. These protein-rich foods play an important role in the synthesis and regeneration of tissues in the body. At the same time, do not get used to the appropriate breakfast schedule from 7-8 am because at this time the body will emit a natural signal of appetite and digestion will be at the best.

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